Biomass Boilers

What is a Biomass boiler? A Biomass boiler is a heat source which burns wood in various forms. These are usually logs, wood pellets or even wood chips. Some manufacturers produce dual-fuel boilers which can burn logs and pellets or logs and wood

chip, some with automatic change-over facility. Most have the ability to run unattended. There are now boilers which do not need a buffer, which reduces the space required.

Features such as automatic transport of the wood pellets to the combustion chamber, automatic ignition, self-activated cleaning and large ash container combine to provide maximum convenience controlled by automatic boiler control.

Reduction in fuel costs

Sustainable fuel source

Carbon Neutral energy source

High efficiency with minimal ash production

Remote access

Grants in the form of the Renewable heat incentive (available for domestic and commercial installs)

A range of outputs available including facility to cascade (multiple boilers)

Containerised options available

Biomass boiler

"Fantastic service, really pleased with our biomass and solar PV system. Our solar now heats up our hot water and hardly costs us a penny"

Mrs Davis

"Thanks for upgrading our solar PV system with optimisers, the system now outputs 30% more than it did before"

Mr Brierley

"We are very happy with our Biomass; the heating on site is now distributed to all our buildings, no more messing with oil breakdowns or unhappy tenants"

Mr Lee

"The ground source heat pump you fitted for us is excellent! Very efficient way to run our barn conversion. We love our under floor heating that we can control from our mobiles!"

Mr Clarke

"The solar PV gives us free power to run the heat pump, great service would highly recommend Edge Electrical & Renewables"

Ms Simpson