Underfloor Heating

Piped (i.e. wet system) underfloor heating has become the de-facto method for space heating in both new builds and substantial refurbishments.

It can be installed in both solid and suspended floors making it suitable for ground and first floors. People with underfloor heating say “It feels healthier”.

Fitter laying piping for underfloor heating
Underfloor heating illustration

Lower water temperature than radiators making it efficient

Heats a room evenly with no hot spots meaning greater comfort

Each room has its own thermostat giving better control

No radiators, meaning greater flexibility with room layout

No high temperature surfaces making it safer for children

Produces less airborne dust benefiting asthma sufferers

Underfloor heating completed

Underfloor heating is economical and is virtually maintenance free and provides the most comfortable even warmth of any heating system. The floor is warmed giving an even distribution of heat over the whole of the floor area at a temperature only slightly above the

ambient room temperature. Almost any type of floor covering can be used with this type of heating with many types of control options including wireless and remote access from smart phones.

"Fantastic service, really pleased with our biomass and solar PV system. Our solar now heats up our hot water and hardly costs us a penny"

Mrs Davis

"Thanks for upgrading our solar PV system with optimisers, the system now outputs 30% more than it did before"

Mr Brierley

"We are very happy with our Biomass; the heating on site is now distributed to all our buildings, no more messing with oil breakdowns or unhappy tenants"

Mr Lee

"The ground source heat pump you fitted for us is excellent! Very efficient way to run our barn conversion. We love our under floor heating that we can control from our mobiles!"

Mr Clarke

"The solar PV gives us free power to run the heat pump, great service would highly recommend Edge Electrical & Renewables"

Ms Simpson